About Us

Our Vision & Values

  • CARING for one another with respect, kindness and compassion
  • LIVING in and creating a fulfilling and enriching environment
  • EMPOWERING residents and loved ones to be involved in their care
  • INVESTING in and educating our people to allow them to go above and beyond
  • SUPPORTING and giving back to the communities around us
  • LEADING the way in person-centred care and sharing our learnings


“To live the greatest number of good hours is wisdom”
Ralph Emerson

Philosophy & Mission

Amberley Home and retirement Cottages is a unique Care Centre dedicated to providing care and companionship to all of our residents. We believe in living life to the fullest. Where you can meet new friends, have an active lifestyle and enjoy your golden years.

Opened in 2005, the Care Centre is dedicated to offering two different approaches in Care and Retirement.

Within the Care Centre there are private cottages ideal for retired people seeking to live independently while at the same time being part of a secure community. At the Heart of the development is Amberley Home, a luxurious custom built Retirement Home offering Patient Centred Care to all residents who wish to avail of long and short term care.

With superb on site facilities and excellent restaurant cuisine you will receive as much personal first class care when You need it most.

Guide to aged care

Choosing a Home is an important step and is a decision that must give you and your family the peace of mind that you are in good hands and that you have made the best choice.

First impressions count and there are several questions you may wish to ask yourself or the staff at Amberley Home. The following is a guide that may help you to better plan and compare nursing homes to help you make that choice.

Does the atmosphere feel right?

  • Is it welcoming when you enter?
  • Do the staff acknowledge you?
  • Does the home feel homely?
  • Can the staff be seen?
  • Does the service seem acceptable?
  • Do staff interact well with residents e.g. show respect, knowledge of the residents?
  • Is the home clean and odour free?
  • Do the residents seem occupied, happy and interested?
  • Is there a menu and a good choice every day?
  • Is there a regular activities programme?
  • Are you encouraged to talk to and listen to the residents/visiting relatives/staff?
  • Is there a laundry service included in the weekly fee?

Does the home have written down policies and procedures such as:

  • A philosophy of care?
  • A clear statement as to what is and what is not included in the fee and
    what items are extra?
  • A brochure that accurately reflects the home?
  • A contract of care between the home and the resident?

Does the home have important equipment such as:

  • Electric profiling beds?
  • Hoists?
  • Walking aids?
  • Wheelchairs?
  • Special mattresses?
  • Pressure relieving mattresses/cushions?
  • Furniture suitable for older people or convalescing patients?
Your well Being

The decision leading to a commitment to long–term care is often a difficult one, and choosing a nursing home can be very emotional for both you and your loved ones. The management at Amberley understand the issues that need to be considered and the concerns that may arise.

It is helpful to plan well ahead even though there may be no immediate need, so that both you and your family are confident in the selection made and that it will be in the best interests of the individual. Amberley’s Director of Care and  management team are trained to assist in the selection process, and to provide you with professional advice that will result in care that is suited to your own needs.

We understand the concerns you may have and are always available for friendly help and advice. We invite you to make contact with the Home to discuss its suitability, and to view all the facilities on offer, so that your decision is reached as a result of a planned process that ensures that your needs are met and that you get good quality care in a loving environment.

We would be delighted to meet with you at the Home or Cottages, and you are very welcome to visit without feeling any obligation to us. A member of staff will be pleased to show you around and to tell you more about us and our services. You are most welcome to arrange a short stay without being committed to staying for a long period.

If you would like to discuss your situation and requirements further, why not make an appointment for a confidential chat.

Questions you may ask

Q. What type of care does the home provide?
A. Amberley Home provides exceptional care for the Elderly. Our care options range from long term care, short term convalescent / respite care to weekend care and a day care basis.

Q. What type of rooms can I book into?
A. Most rooms are single rooms and feature your own ensuite, television and telephone.  There are also several twin rooms available with the same standard of luxury facilities.

Q. Is there a choice of food?
A. Most definitely! A delicious choice of meals is available every day.  Our professional chefs design menus that are well balanced and nutritious while also there to be enjoyed. Our chefs can also provide for any special dietary requirements you may have.

Q. What are the fees?
A. Fees do vary depending on the level of care dependency and the type of room you require so you should contact Amberley Home to discuss what your requirements are.

Q. What services are included in the fee?
A. Fees are fully inclusive of accommodation, meals, laundry and 24 hour professional nursing care. It does not include medications, incontinence wear, dressings or personal hygiene products. If you are a medical card holder most medication costs are covered. Incontinence wear is also provided by the health boards for those people who have subvention approval. Hairdressing, dry cleaning of clothes, travel expenses or other health professionals such as chiropodists or physiotherapists are not included. These services can be organized by the staff in the home and the resident will be billed directly for the service.

Q. How can I reduce the cost of the fees I am paying?
A.We suggest that you seek Independent financial advice by talking to your financial
advisor or solicitor to find out more about claiming tax back on the cost of fees and any
other financial matters.

Q. When are fees paid?
A. Fees are payable weekly in advance or a direct debit facility can also be put in place
for payments.

Q. How do I apply for subvention?  
A. Application forms are available by contacting your local Health Board, now called the HSE (Health Service Executive). The health service executive offer assistance with payment of private nursing home care fees. The level of help will be assessed by the health board themselves. An application for subvention should be planned well in advance and should be considered before moving into any nursing home.

Q. What type of transport facilities do you have?
A. Ambulance services and hospital transport provide for residents travel to and from hospital appointments, day care centers, etc. We can assist residents when they need to make these transport arrangements.

Q. What are the visiting hours?
A. At Amberley the door is always open to visitors and we encourage you as a resident to have regular outings with your family and friends. Residents can request that care staff inform any visitors that they are resting.

Q. What about my Doctor?
A. As a resident you can choose if you wish to continue to use your own doctor or you can avail of the GP’s who provide 24 hour medical care for the home.

Q. What happens if I am unable to dress or shower myself.
Will someone be available to help me?

A. There are always staff at hand to assist you in whatever way possible and our philosophy of care encompasses respecting your dignity and privacy at all times. We are there to help and support you.

Q. Is there a full activities programme that will suit me?
A. Yes, there is a full programme of daily activities which you can join in if you wish. We encourage all residents to maintain the lifestyle they have always had, including any hobbies and interests they may have. You decide which activities you wish to take part in. Cards and board games are available at any time.

Our Vision & Values

Amberley's aged care facilities are built around a core philosophy of delivering clinical care excellence for our residents.

We focus on our residents' overall wellness by providing an enriching program around lifestyle activities, wellbeing and nutrition.


Contact us

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